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Since 1987 Radio Works has written and produced some of the funniest and most effective radio advertising in the country.

Radio Works was started with one all-important goal: to finally answer the question that has dogged us since childhood: “Why can’t you be serious once in a while?” Since then, we’ve proved again and again that funny radio advertising can produce spectacularly serious results.

WHAT MAKES A RADIO COMMERCIAL WORK?  It takes a lot to hold a listener’s attention these days.  The Radio Works approach to radio advertising understands your market, appeals to their own interests, and gives them a reason to respond… not just today, but tomorrow, next month… whenever they’re ready to buy.  We call this approach “Campaign Thinking.”

HOW DOES CAMPAIGN THINKING WORK?  We devise an advertising strategy based not only on your agenda… but on the agenda of your prospects.  We connect with them in a way that makes it natural for them to think of you when they want or need your products and services.  Campaign Thinking from Radio Works is one of the surest ways to maximize your advertising investment. That’s why so many different kinds of advertisers, big and small, have turned to us: for advertising that makes the most of the medium of radio.

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